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Dance Floors

White vinyl Dancefloor.JPG
Dancefloor with lighted edge.JPG

Our portable vinyl dance floors are a great and economical way to have an area to dance.  Dance floors define an area , not only for your guests to dance, but dance floors have a decor quality.  Choose our natural wood grain, full white, full black, or black & white.  Versatile enough to use outside in the grass or indoors over carpet.

Please note: Outdoor dance floors require a subfloor underlayment and should be an area that is flat and level for best results.  If a dance floor is to be installed on a sloping ground, please advise our event consultant so we can quote the proper type dance floor for your event.

Dance floors can come in many different sizes depending on space requirements or number of guests.  Please contact our event consultant to help you determine the proper size dance floor for your event, and total price.

Below are some of our most popular sizes.

Premium White Dancefloor.jpg
12 x 12 Dance Floor
35-50 Guests event
Black and White Dancefloor.JPG
15 x 15 Dance Floor
60-80 Guests event
18 x 18 Dance Floor
80-100 Guests event
21 x 21 Dance Floor
125-150 Guests event
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