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Terms and Conditions of Rental agreement

Absolute Party Rentals hereby rents to the renter, identified by "Customer" on the attached invoice, the personal property described on the contract invoice, subject to all terms and conditions of this contract and the renter in consideration hereof, acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1.     During the Rental period set forth of the attached Invoice (the "Rental Period") and at all times when the equipment is in the possession of the Renter,  Renter shall maintain the equipment in good condition and repair.

  2.     Renter hereby assumes responsibility for the equipment and agrees to compensate Absolute Party Rental for the full value of any item not returned  in a timely manner or returned in a damaged or broken condition due to any cause whatsoever. Renter further agrees to compensate Absolute Party Rentals with additional rent for the period

       of time during which any item is unusable as a result of any need to replace or repair any such item.

   3.    Renter agrees to pay for the full period of time in which the equipment is in the possession of the renter whether         used or not.  Items not returned by "Return date" will be considered late and are subject to late fees or additional             rental fees.

   4.    The equipment is and shall remain at all times the personal property of Absolute Party Rentals.

   5.    The acceptance of returned equipment by Absolute Party Rentals is not a waiver of any claims that it might have           against Renter, nor a waiver of claims for latent or damages to the equipment.

   6.    Absolute Party Rentals assumes the right to charge renter for any lost, damaged, or overdue

          equipment or pursue any other avenue afforded to it by law.  The acceptance of any rent or other payment, or               any portion of payment, after a default by renter shall not be deemed to operate as a waiver of Absolute Party

       Rentals' right to enforce the payment of rent or other payments herein provided for, or to terminate this agreement

       and recover possession of the equipment. 

   7.    Renter agrees to pay all attorneys fees and costs incurred by Absolute Party Rentals in protecting, recovering,

       and/or obtaining rental personal property or any claims or compensation owed as a result.

   8.    The Renter agrees not to pledge, mortgage, or in any way encumber the equipment.

   9.    All equipment is rented "as is" condition.  The renter has the right to inspect any equipment prior to rental.  

 10.    Renter assumes responsibility of all equipment while in possession, operation, and/or transportation of

       equipment. Renter also assumes all risk of all or any injuries associated with equipment while in possession,

       operation, and/or transportation.   Absolute Party Rentals will not be responsible for any damage to personal

       vehicles by loading, unloading, and/or transporting rental goods to and from our location. Renter assumes the     

       responsibility to load/unload their vehicle when items are picked up and returned(will call) by customer to Absolute

       Party Rentals.

  11.    Renter shall be solely responsible for compliance with any and all Federal, State, or Local laws, regulations and all

       industry standards.

  12.    Special order items may require a non-refundable deposit.  Special order items may not be cancelled, adjusted in 

       quantities, or other wise changed in any way once the order has been placed. Deposits placed on special order

       items may not be used for rental balances for other items.

  13.   Cancellations made within 2 days prior to event may be charged a 50% cancellation charge.

  14.   Together with the invoice this, agreement contains the entire understanding between parties and may not be

       modified except by another agreement in writing and signed by both parties.

  15.   Deadline for item cancellations, item quantity changes, or any other changes to orders must be in writing and

       submitted via email 3 days prior to event. 

  16.   Permit fees, expediting fees, and/or drawing fees must be paid in full and are non-refundable regardless of event 


  17.   It is the Renters responsibility to contact all utility companies (#811) for appropriate and clear marking of all 

       underground lines, pipes, cables and/or any other obstructions that may be damaged  during the tent staking

       down process.

  18.   In the event of a tropical storm warning, or whereas winds are expected to be 40 mph or above, Absolute Party

       Rentals has the right to dismantle and/or remove rental items, at any time, in order to protect Absolute Party

       Rentals personal property, whether the items have been used or not.

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