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Pool Covers

Full Clear Plexiglass
The ultimate is elegance.  High gloss finish though-out entire pool cover surface. Available in clear or white.   Enjoy the walking on water effect with full clear panels.
Clear Center with black border
Plexiglass center pool cover with a black border.  Keeping clear panels  above the water cuts down on the total cost of the project.
Random panel inserts
Adding plexiglass panel inserts randomly within the black wood floor creates an interesting detail. Adding lighting underneath plexiglass panels makes the squares glow to enhance the overall look.
Flush to edge 
 Flush pool covers are just that, totally flush to the edge.  Perfect for elderly or Handicapped guests.  We are one of the few companies to do a full flush floor. Flush to border all around, making no step to maximize floor use.
Solid Black
Simple yet effective,  this all black pool cover is perfect for the budget minded host that just wants to add additional floor space for tables.
Solid Natural
Our natural wood pool covers are for clients who want the warm look of a natural clear stain wood floor.
Custom Colors
Create a custom look with custom painting or vinyl applications.  
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