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Absolute Party Rental Stages are strong, sturdy platforms available in different heights.  Our interlocking 4’ x 4’ panels can be configured a multitude of ways creating the perfect stage platform to meet your needs.  Panels come in black and are dressed with a black pleated skirt to finish the sides.

Available as a 6” Platform, a 12” Riser or a 24”, 30” or 48” high stage. Flooring not level?  No problem, with our telescoping legs design, we can make our stages level on your unlevel surface.


Popular uses include:

  • Elevating Bands

  • Model Runways

  • Award presentations

  • Bridal party riser

  • Chorus riser

  • Theatrical performers

  • Dancers

Although, panels are typically black, you can upgrade with many options.  Carpet decks, clear decking, guardrails, stairs, and even handicap ramps are all possible.

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